Blues: Groovy Movie "Dead Mans Shoes" by Gadzooks

I don’t don’t know what to say about this except three guys having too much fun in the basement on a Friday night. This was a jam that just grooved in Em……

Stan Gadziola (Gadzooks) guitar harp vocals coughs and mix
Rob George bass, vocals,gearhead
Donnie MacNeil drums, vocals and beer


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Alternative: Kaltland by Dadanaut

Just a jam … an idea … Kaltland (coldhearted land)

Pop: If I Could Be by Straydog23

Love Song for the Shy

Alternative: Xenelasia by falconep

A drum experiment set to counter-New_Age theme: Peace is only fantasy. For those who prefer motion, YouTube>Xenelasia OMV _____________________________________ Keyboard — Phil Falcone Application DAW: Reaper © 2016 Phil Falcone

Electronica: Walkin On The Moon by RevJoE

120116 no it’s not a police song lol but it’s pretty trippy….Epic Dark Electronica…enjoy…

Electronica: Drum and basic by Eidolonia

Experiment number two (hear experiment number one here if you haven’t already). This time I wanted to play around with some Pendulum-style drum and bass. This turns out to be harder than I thought it would be — I struggled to find a decent tutorial to get me going and came close to scrapping the […]

Classical: Soundtrack02 by j_livingston

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a collab on this piece. Let me know if you’re interested! It probably need some tweaks on instruments, but it probably need an electric guitar part or something like that too

Music Videos: IMPROVISATION BLUES Emin by RiGee

Messing around with my TRICONE…some of you like sliding don´t you

Electronica: Ivy Ruins by Komit

This one was really fun to work on. Was going for for a bouncy, chiptune-esque vibe, but I don’t think it really fits into any solid genre/style.

Electronica: Returning Granny's Boots by RevJoE

112816 this one is a little weird…Epic Dark Electronica…enjoy…